Pigletz Whitepaper


Pigletz introduces a novel protocol allowing NFTs to jump from the digital world (Metaverse) to the real world and vice versa.
This is possible only on level 3. In order to materialize a Piglet its owner needs to lock it into a Bridge contract and set a password #1. Then he needs to send us his shipping info (address, etc.). Then we will produce a high quality 3D print which is later processed, polished and colored. Then we will ship the Physical piglet to its owner. Inside of the Piglet we put a password #2 that will be used to unlock the NFT from the Bridge contract.
The NFT part will remain locked until someone provides password #1 and #2 to the Bridge contract.
This protocol allows only a single copy of the NFT to exist either in the digital world as a NFT or as a real physical object.
In order to take out the passwords the owner of the physical object needs to destroy it, for example with a hammer. Then the owner can pullout the codes and use them to unlock the NFT.
This model will open new market opportunities for NFTs, for example selling them on eBay.
Last modified 1yr ago